Site Plan

Goals of this website

» Provide a public website that is easy to access.
» Organize the information in this project in a way that is easy to find and understand.
» Establish a way for the public to communicate with project members regarding both their concerns and to receive feedback about the project.


This websites purpose and design allows easy access for those of the public interested in Indian Lake to obtain information about the survey as well as contact those in charge to report areas of overgrowth or other concerns about the lake. Communication with project members and ILWA representatives is encouraged and can be done through the Contact Us page. This website includes details about the entire project including the collection results. The most important feature is the inclusion of a series of interactive maps that display the distribution of plants collected from the lake. This feature allows for a simple way to view the survey results and visualize growth distributions. These maps will be permanently accessible as long as this website exists and viewable by anybody who is interested.

Websites are an important tool in public projects such as this because it allows for the information organized in this project to be easily accessible by anyone. Traditionally somebody interested would have to contact numerous people to get a copy of our full report. A website like this organizes the information in our full report in a way that is friendly and familiar. The full project report is still available in the project info section.

Developed as Part of a WPI Sponsored Project
In Affiliation with The Indian Lake Watershed Association
Worcester, MA 2013