Current Flow:


Restricted Water Flow

A map with points of current flow was created along with the plant distribution and bathymetric survey interactive maps. Using this map to highlight all inlets and outlets allowed correlations to be made between current flow and areas of overgrowth. The Lake has two main inlets; a large storm-drain that runs from Shoreham Street and the connecting streets and Anarat Brook, a small underground creek. Depending on their respective water levels, water can flow through the connection between Indian Lake and Little Indian Lake. The lake also has one outlet, located on the shoreline near where the lake touches up against Route 190. These points were evaluated to determine whether or not their flow had any impact on the state of excessive vegetation growth in Indian Lake. Two points of flow, the connection to Little Indian Lake and the pipes below the Sears Island causeway, are blocked, either through lack of preventive cleaning or through poor implementation and design. These points are important to note, as they are adjacent to areas greatly affected by overgrowth. Additionally, though they may seem insignificant, many smaller storm drains flow directly into Indian Lake. These can collect debris from local roads on rainy days and dump whatever they are carrying into the lake. This debris may include lawn and garden fertilizers that can stimulate an overgrowth of weeds all on their own.

Developed as Part of a WPI Sponsored Project
In Affiliation with The Indian Lake Watershed Association
Worcester, MA 2013