Emergent Plant Density Distribution:

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Emergent and Floating Plants

The two most prevalent emergent plants were Common Reed and Cattail, as visible in the Distribution Map. Yellow Pond lilies were present in a few locations, and a large bunch Poa spp. was seen in one area. Much of the shoreline of Indian Lake is covered by emergent plants and this map helps to identify the extent of the growth of these plant as well as which plants are present in which locations. Some plants that were noted as present in previous surveys were not located, such as smartweed and pickerelweed. Their absence may be from one or both of following reasons. These are both budding plants that bloom in the summer time and wilt in the fall in order to grow back again next spring, meaning that we may not have been able to see them. They may also have been pushed out by cattail or common reed, as these two now cover for a large portion of Indian Lake’s shoreline.

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