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Indian Lake Watershed Association


Indian Lake is the largest body of water located completely within the City of Worcester, Massachusetts (population of 170,000+). The 193-acre lake offers many family activities including two public swimming beaches, picnic and recreation areas, a public boat launch and a tennis court. In 1978, the Indian Lake Improvement Association was formed and in 1985, the Indian Lake Watershed Association (ILWA) was incorporated as a non-profit 501(3c). The organization began as a group of concerned residents who wanted to revive the ailing water body and has grown to be one of the strongest neighborhood groups in the City of Worcester, working in cooperation with both city officials and residents to combat the effects of development within the watershed. The ILWA now maintains a membership of 100+ members with a mission of enhancing the livability of the entire 10 square-mile Indian Lake Watershed.

The ILWA has worked feverishly for over 30 years to restore and preserve the environmental quality of Indian Lake as well as improve the neighborhood surrounding it. The ILWA initiates and implements neighborhood projects throughout the entire 10 square mile Indian Lake Watershed including park/memorial cleanups and maintenance, water quality monitoring, storm drain stenciling and identifying potential threats to Indian Lake and its tributaries. A major element of any project we take on includes educational outreach through presentations, newsletters and working hand and hand with city officials.

ILWA’s ongoing projects include:

  • Parks improvements and maintenance at Morgan Park, Frostholm Memorial, Hapgood-Brooks Memorial and Shore Park.
  • Semi-annual cleanups and plantings throughout the watershed.
  • Educational outreach through semi-annual newsletters, membership drives and presentations.
  • Partnering with other neighborhood, business and environmental groups to make our city a better place for residents and visitors.

See our CURRENT PROJECTS PAGE for more information.


The ILWA publishes regular newsletters which provide updates on current projects and upcoming events. Below are some of the most recent newsletters and updates:

Indian Lake Update 12/11/2017:

Indian Lake Update 11/1/2017:

Indian Lake Update 10/1/2017:

Indian Lake Update 8/30/2017:

Indian Lake Update 8/11/2017:

Indian Lake Update 6/27/2017:

Indian Lake Update 5/25/2017:

Indian Lake Update 4/4/2017:

Indian Lake Update 2/21/2017:

Indian Lake Update 2/1/2017:

Indian Lake Update 10/16/2016:

Indian Lake Update 9/20/2016:

Indian Lake Update 8/3/2016:

Indian Lake Update 7/29/2016:

Indian Lake Update 6/16/2016:

Indian Lake Update 5/6/2016:

Indian Lake Update 4/11/2016:

Indian Lake Update 2/15/2016:

Indian Lake Update 11/13/2015:

Indian Lake Update 10/7/2015:

Indian Lake Update 8/20/2015:

Indian Lake Update 8/2/2015

Indian Lake Update 5/27/2015

4/29/2015 Lake Update:

3/3/2015 Lake Update:

12/6/2014 Lake Update:

11/16/2014 Lake Update:

11/1/2014 Lake Update:

10/25/2014 Lake Update:

10/19/2014 Lake Update:

10/5/2014 Lake Update:

Lake Update 9/20/2014

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